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Volume 6 2012

The effects of high energy electron beam irradiation on the thermal, mechanical, structural and physicochemical properties of polypropylene
Kieran A. Murray, James E. Kennedy, Clement L. Higginbotham, Brian McEvoy, Olivier Vrain, Damien Ryan
A comprehensive early warning fall detection system using ultrasonic system for accessing gait feature
Zayegh, Y. Wahab, N. A. Bakar, C. D. M. Asyraf, M. F. M. Dali
A study of water quality for Sungai Perlis during high tide and low tide
Ain Nihla, K., Nur Shahidah, M.N., Mohd Faizal, A.J., Roslaili, A.A.
Methane gas production from organic fraction municipal solid waste (OFMSW) via anaerobic process – the application method for Malaysia condition
Irnis Azura Zakary, Ismail Abustan, Norli Ismail, Mohd Suffian Yusoff
Different total harmonic distortion effects on current transformer performance
N. K. Anuar, D. Ismail, N. Indra, A. M. Hafiz
Preparation and characterisation of activated carbon from rambutan seed (Nephelium Lappaceum) by chemical activation
I. Norlia, C. A. Roshazita, T. I. T. Nuraiti, M. Z. M. Salwa, Nur Liza, R, M. S. S. Fatimah
Aluminium–Polymer abs product
Mohd Ichwan Nasution, Kamarudin Hussin, Shamsul Baharin Jamaludin, Che Mohd Ruzaidi Ghazali, Khairel Rafezi Ahmad, Faizul Che Pa, Chek Idrus
In vitro production of antioxidants of naringin and hesperidin and their activity in unsaturated fatty acid for oil preparation pharmaceuticals
Zarina Zakaria, Azlinda Ali, Nurulzahidah Arshad & Nor Ashida Ahmad
A study on odour nuisance near open dump landfill
Tengku Nuraiti Tengku Izhar, Norlia Mohamad Ibrahim, Nurul Asikin Mokthi
The sitting posture of Malaysian compact car drivers
Alir, M. R. A. Rani, R. Hamidon, S. Hussin, R.N. Ahmad