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Vol 10 (Special Issue) 2018

Comparative Study on the Extraction Methods of Clinachanthus nutans for Total Phenolic Content, Total Flavonoid Content, and DPPH Scavenging Activity
Nur Syazwani Ismail and Khairul Farihan Kasim
PhysicoChemical and Functional Properties of Perlis Sunshine Mango Seed Flour
Rohazita Bahari, Khairul Farihan Kasim and Ng Cai Xia
Performance of Cucumis Melo (Var. Cantalupensis) Growth under Controlled Environment using Rice Husk Ash Media: Effect of Different Quantity of Water Supply
Fathin Ayuni Azizan, Nor Amira Atan and Nur Ana Nasuha Kamarudin
Analysis of Background Correction Methods for DNA Microarray Imaging
Omar Salem Baans and Asral Bahari Jambek
Optimization Study and Characterization of Microcrystalline Cellulose Isolated from Coconut Husk via Hydrolysis using Ionic Liquid
Nur Siha Abd Rahman, Ong Yu Lian, Muhammad Faiq Abdullah, Azifah Ibrahim and Sam Sung Ting
Evaluation of Vitamin C Content in MicrowaveDried Guava (Psidium Guajava L)
Lee Yi Ning, and Aimi Athirah Aznan
Assessing Antimicrobial Activity of Aloe Vera against Colletrotrichum Capsici and Bacillus SubtilisN. A. Uda, Ong Yee Fen, Tan Ewe Shen, Nur Hulwani Ibrahim, N. Harzana. Shaari, N. Shamiera. Said, M. K. R. Hashim, Muhammad Syakir Yusoff, Uda Hashim, Subash C. B. Gopinath
Statistical Assessment on Utilization of Paddy Straw for Oyster Mushroom Production
Maisara A. M. Akhir and Nazirah M. Waseem
Monitoring Firmness Evolution of Round Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.) During Storage by NonDestructive Acoustic Method
Nor Shuhada Mohamad, M. K. R. Hashim, M. N. A. Uda and Nur Khuzaima
Effect of Adipic Acid as Crosslinking Agent in Polyvinyl Alcohol / Nanocellulose from Rice Straw Biocomposites
A. Nuradibah, N. A. Yusoff and S. T. Sam
Keratinolytic Potential of Fungal Strains Isolated from Soils of Public Places
Amira Nasyrah Husin, Subash C. B. Gopinath and M. N. A. Uda