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Volume 7 2013

Alteration of traditional Batak Toba's culture consequence of the time development
Meyga Fitri Handayani, ST, MT and Ir. Dharma Widya, MT
Analysis of power – losses in 20 kvs distribution line
Current total harmonic reduction technique on three-level single phase transformerless photovoltaic inverter using PSpice
Daut, M. Irwanto, Suhelmi, N. Gomesh, Y. M. Irwan, M. Fitra, and Risnidar. C
Effect of sample size multidimensional reliability of National Scale Test of Mathematics in DKI Jakarta Science Program High Schools
Diana Suzana Mandar
Improvement of combustion process of oil palm fruit fiber (Mesocarp) by adjusting of combustion air ratio between primary and secondary air
Ilmi Abdullah, Farel H. Napitupulu, Tulus, and Bagus Giri Yudanto
Characterize Raman amplification at L-band wavelength utilizing Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber LEAF ® optical fiber as gain medium
A. M Ahmad Hambali, M. Ali Toor, Z. Yusoff , N. Roshidah
Simulation of the voltage sag types effects on induction motor performance
Surya Hardi, I. Daut, I. Nisja, R. Chan, and Musdar Dahlan
Study on the satisfaction level of Indonesian-Tiongkok Friendship Residence
Mochammad Afifudin and Cut Mutiawati