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Volume 9 2017

Structural Learning of Two-Layer Boltzmann Machine and Its Application to Power System Investment Planning
T. Siti Hajar, S. B. Yaakob and A. Amran
Study of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Concentration Dependence on the Bioethanol Production Using Rotary Evaporator
I. Retnowati, H. Zulaika, and M. Novita
Inalum as Locomotive in Enhancement of Added Value for Aluminum Industry in Supporting Program of Mp3ei (Master Plan Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development)
Awaluddin Thayab, N. A. Setiawan and Hasrul Hasan
Setup Time Reduction for 5-Axis Composite Material’s Trimming Machine by Using a New Framework of SMED Integrated with ECSC Concept
S. F. Soberi, R. Ahmad, M. I. Hussain and N. Muhammad
Integration of SMED with AHP: A Case Study in an Aerospace Company
S. F. Soberi and R. Ahmad
Comparison Study of AC Load Waveform before and after LC Filter on Full Bridge Inverter using Multiple Pulse Width Modulation
Zhafarina, M. Irwanto and H. A. Hamid
Sedimentological Character of Fan Delta: Modern Sediment Case Study in Muara Pingai Area, Singkarak Lake, West Sumatra Indonesia
Said Muzambiq and Zaka L. Tarigan
Studies of Non-Constructed Land Use Changes into Settlements. Case Study: Ilir Village, Pasar Gunung Sitoli Village, Mudik Village and Saombo Village, Gunung Sitoli City
Hibnul Walid
Conceptual Implementation of A PIC16F8773 to User-Friendly Data Logger
Ahmad Shukri Fazil Rahman and Abdul Rahim Abdul Razak
Design of 4.0 kWp Solar PV System for Residential House under Net Energy Metering Scheme
M. N. T. Mansur, N. H. Baharudin and R. Ali