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Volume 8 2016

Simulation of pem fuel cell activation losses with different electrolyte material based on tafel equation
Irwanto, M. Masri, H. Alam, H. A. Hamid, K. Saleh, E. Warman and F. Erweena
Effect of temperature on seawater surface increment in North Sumatera Indonesia
Hamzah Lubis
Simulation of pem fuel cell performance using Matlab
Masri , M. Irwanto, H. Alam, K. Saleh, B. Ismail and Suhaila
Daily performance of kaneka g-sa060 amorphous silicon photovoltaic module based on solar irradiation and temperature in Kangar Malaysia as dc voltage source on spwm transformerless photovoltaic inverter
Alam, M. Y. Mashor, M. Irwanto, M. Masri, K. Saleh
 Analysis on economy activities of plastics rubbish recycles package products for informal sector in Medan city
Kimberly Febrina
State feedback controller using pole placement method for linear boost converter to improve overshoot and settling time
Mazwin Mazlan, Nur Fairuz, Chanuri Charin and Nurul Izni
Nature based dyes from blue pea flower as a potential sensitizer for dssc
Dayang, M. Irwanto and N. Gomesh
Analysis of application of standard operating procedure in the management of the archives pt. pln (persero) rayon medan baru
Dina Octavia, Selfitrida, A. Yani and Jufri Halim
Application of fuzzy AHP for setup reduction in manufacturing industry
M.S.F. Soberi and R. Ahmad
Optimization the annealling time of membrane PSF 19% DMF for palm oil mill effluent treatment
Aja Avriana Said and Mustafa