References should be numbered consecutively and appear in separate References or bibliography section at the end of the manuscript in the following style, for paper and books.

      1. Style for paper.

Reference number, Authors [last name followed by first initial followed by last name for other authors], year, title, periodical (in italics), volume (issue), inclusive pages number.


1.   Joyce B.A, (2003, September). In Situ Studies of the MBE Growth of III-V Systems Using RHEED and STM. Journal of Science Materials in Electronic.14               (9): 591-598.

2. Style for book.

Reference number, author, year, title (in italics), location, publisher, chapter or page number.


2.   Hubert, Charles. I. (2002). Electric Machines Theory, Operation, Applications, Adjustment and Control. New Jersey: Prentice Hall: 204-223.